The qualities of the enamelled steel make a very modern material towards the criteria of environmental protection.

The enamel is going to give some value to the steel so as to increase considerably its life cycle.

No other cover on the steel (metallic, organic) allows him to affect this level of durability.

Besides, the enamelled steel is a material very easy to recycle.

He presents the advantage compared with the other materials to be classified as recoverable material and not as waste.

His destruction will not produce either toxic smokes or the other dangerous substances.

It is recyclable 100 % without a preliminary treatment is necessary.

In summary
The multiple properties of the enamelled steel are so highlighted:

· resistance in the scratch and in the abrasion much more raised than for the other materials;

· the enamelled steel does not retain nor absorbs the smells and so does not transmit them;

· he resists the generally used products